If you like comfort, space, elegance, and want to positively impress your colleagues, friends, relatives, this is the boat that is right for you. La Fenice is tested for up to 60 people and was built specially to suit your needs.

Very wide corridor to allow the transit, white leather comfortable chairs, wooden tables, 2 plasma televisions for conferences, souvenir photos, romantic messages, built in stereo.
Built on two levels with very large windows, this boat provides an excellent view on our beautiful lake. La Fenice is ideal for drinks and appetizers or to have lunch on board.
The new boat is also equipped with heating, this feature will give our guests the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful lake even in the coldest months of the year, admiring the spectacular snow-capped mountains, almost as if we were in a chalet in the mountains with the advantage of not having to move from town .

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