Our vessel "Airone" praises a great vision thanks to its large windows placed at 360 ° and a sliding glass roof. It is built of iron and it is bright white coloured. It has many amenities including comfortable armchairs upholstered in red, in front of which are located harmonic wooden tables, ideal for supporting food, drinks and more.

Its floor is covered with a soft and pleasant new carpet that is regularly cleaned, so to allow the transit barefoot safely. Our "Airone" is equipped with a radio player to allow the spread of traditional folk songs from the Canton Ticino or other music according to your requests, a microphone with speakers to enable the pilot or your guide to carry out the explanations and reach all listeners with equivalent intensity. Also 4 large fridges, in which many cold drinks are stored and where, if necessary, you can place cakes, desserts or else that needs cooling storage. The Airone has external and internal lights, but the stars are so bright above the Lake that there’s barely any need for them!

You can adjust the windows down during the trip in order to better appreciate the flavours and the light breeze of the Lake. The total handiness of the vessel coupled up with our pilots’ skills, allow easy docking in the event of bad weather. If you are people who like the simple values, a sense of belonging, comfort and tranquility, this boat is definitely for you.

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