The Lake of Lugano offers a wide range of enchanting places to visit, though the panoramic views of its splendid banks, already leaves the visitors in a state of bliss.
Here are some excursion, but may we remind you, dear visitors, that we make customized itineraries for groups, weddings, business dinners, school trips, ...
Therefore we will take you wherever you want to go.


Lugano-Paradiso-Capo S. Martino-Melide-Vico Morcote-Morcote-Brusino-Bissone-Campione-Caprino-Gandria-Castagnola-Cassarate-Lugano

Lugano-Paradiso-Capo S. Martino-Campione-Caprino-Gandria-Castagnola-Cassarate-Lugano